My name is Maša Plaznik, I come from our beautiful Slovenian coast, more precisely from Izola. I am a B.S. graduate sociologist of Personnel Management. I have 10 years of work experience in staffing and managing employees. In the last 5 years, however, I have focused on the profession of intuitive professional consultant. I am a certified Access Bars® facilitator, a certified Access Body® process facilitator, a certified Thetahealing® practitioner, a certified Usui Reiki II practitioner. I have channeled the energy therapy Joy of Oneness ™ and so far I am the only practitioner of this therapy in the world. I have already received many activations and initiations from the universe and guides, which have opened the door to happiness, love and life without stress and negative energies.

I work intensely on working on myself and helping people find the light they carry within themselves. In practice, I have come to the realization that individuals carry all the knowledge within themselves, it is only necessary to remember how we do something, choose something and then do it every day. I am constantly educating myself and looking for ways to help people solve their problems, to learn to live a happy, healthy and loving life, without stress, bad mood, illness and negative energy. I like to prepare some free and charitable gathering or campaign.

Through lectures, workshops, mentoring programs, counseling, guidance, group treatments, individual meetings, counseling and treatments, I help people achieve their goal. I have already helped many people to raise their awareness, solve problems and achieve success in areas such as stress management, self-confidence, success, health, psychological state, work, love, interpersonal relationships, family, education… and much more. With the techniques I use, I allow people to become aware of problems, limitations, negative traits, and blockages, and remove them all so that they can live an easy life.

I work with individuals, business people, organizations, companies, schools, societies…. My clients are people who want a change in their lives or just want to perfect, validate, improve or supplement something. From children, adolescents, the working population to wise older people. My mission is to help people achieve what will enable them happiness and success in life. I do this with heart and love, and I am savvy with expertise and experience.