I attended Torus group therapy. I felt at home like never before, surrounded by love and peace for myself. I felt gratitude for nature, and animals. I sensed that I had a mission and realized a new level of myself.
Patrik Provenza
Torus group therapy - Patrik
Let me say that the first time I heard about bars I was interested, I looked at the price of the workshop and I said that at this moment is too much for me .. And I decided on a workshop that I had in mind that I can afford .. A web of circumstances was that I got a reminder for the workshop even though I wasn’t registered. And then it didn't give me peace .. The more I thought about it, I obviously somehow conjured up that it became achievable for me. Today I’m an Acess Bars Practitioner . A web of circumstances that my mother fell ill at that very moment. Now I do Bars and MTVSS techniques for her every day. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. Mom is a little better every day and I hope the surgery will be so good that the it will be successful. Let me say that I also did bars to my father, sister, friends .. Everyone falls asleep during the therapy and after the therapy they feel much lighter, happy, unencumbered .. And this is far from the last workshop I attended with Maša Plaznik, cutie thank you  If you want to change yourself, if you want a quality life, do something for yourself. The investment you make in yourself is the best investment.
Access bars and MTVSS Orjana Krivičič
Hey, hey. I have to tell you the good news, because it happened thanks to you :) YES..we are expecting! : D   Thank you for everything!
Opinion Class Loving womb- Tjaša pregnant
Mašaaaa ... I'm sending you feedback from last night with you on the Loving womb program. It was veryyy nice, tingling sensations all over the inner abdomen, occasional painting, and at the end of all the emptiness and heat cleansing. After the last laying of my hands, I was already floating on the bed, fully enjoying myself, while I wasn’t surprised by the chills and shivering from the cold, so it hadn’t happened to me yet. And I'm writing to you now because I fell asleep so badly and I lost the end. This morning i did the task and I felt like an inflated helium balloon. Can you imagine the fringe of the womb and something empty inside that floats ... I've never been so light ..... Thank you thank you thank you Masha for the future.
Klara, 37 let
Class loving womb Klara
The Loving womb program helped me finally let go of the trauma of an abortion. Thanks Maša.
Martina, 42 let
 Class Loving womb Martina
To me the best workshop so far :) But this year we are moving forward with others :) Mainly with MTVSS I solved my digestion issues, with which I was dealing since I was little. I also saved my friend's ankle sprain. I still couldn’t believe it was working on my own. But it works! I recommend!
Orjana Krivičič
opinion Orjana Krivičič 2021 MTVSS
So… the first day of listening to the Loving Earth Program, I felt very light, sunny and bright. I was just glowing. The second day was great and I repeated the exercise from the clip several times. I searched for the stone all day, but in the end I found it. The third day of the shoot was very interesting and wonderful. I'll get back to you :) thanks.
Opinion Class Loving earth KATARINA
The Loving Earth program brought me additional enlightenment and more feeling of peace, joy, energy connection and constant "clearing" ... Now I send everything that is needed from me to the earth to decompose and neutralize. It makes me lighter and calmer. Thanks Maša!
Opinion Class Loving earth Andreja
Dear Maša, thank you very much for the comprehensive and fulfilled Access Bars workshop. It was exceptional for me and I am really happy and grateful for the newly acquired knowledge, which I would like to share among my loved ones. The workshop was above expectations and I hope that I will also be able to use anti-stress techniques so diligently ... all these grips, find points on my head and effectively do something good, healthy and relaxing for my family and friends. Thank you Maša for the new breadth and practical knowledge.
Martina Pirec Bole
Martina Pirec Bole ACCESS BARS
Still under the impressions of yesterday ... when I first "dared" to combine a serious rational business world with my "magic knowledge" ... I admit that I was in a bit of a convulsion about how, in my opinion, "rational" colleagues will accept this type of knowledge and work ... and above all, how they will look at me then ... My fear was completely unnecessary. With the help of Maša from the Ray of Happiness, we introduced them to the world of energies, beyond reason and logic. My deep lesson of the day is one of the simpler ones, but one of the more difficult ones for me: be accurate and only what you really are, always and everywhere, don't hide your magic - only in this way can people really accept you and only so big shifts can happen.  The day was wonderful and still resonates within me. Thanks ... to be continued.
Nina Žerjal, Master franšizij Helen Doron English
Nina Žerjal Helen Doron English Bussiness world