Yes... I do Bars primarily because of my children... they really have helped and still help them in school, and we are in the 4th and 5th grade... things are really being resolved in a different way...
Katarina Dolenc
Mnenje Katarina Dolenc o barsih
I would like to share our experience of how I helped my son improve his grades to 4 and 5.
I attended a Bars class specifically with the intention of helping my son improve his school grades. He had started getting only 2 and 1. When I came home after the Bars class, I told him that I needed to practice on him. He wasn’t particularly enthusiastic, but he allowed me to run Bars on him when I permitted him to play games on his phone in the meantime. We repeated this process a few times, and the boy (9th class) started coming home with 4 and 5.
What surprised me the most was that initially, I had to convince him to let me practice. Soon, however, he realized that studying was easier after the Bars sessions, and he started coming to me, asking for Bars.
He says that after the Bars sessions, he can really learn the material because he is focused, understands, and remembers what he reads. Before, he would just read the material and couldn’t retain it at all.
Dear parents, Bars are amazing for our children. I highly recommend them!
Mnenje Manja Access Bars delavnica
Thank you Maša

I had a great time yesterday and I yawned for an hour, it was hot nonstop... and Samo was the only one who dared to ask a question. I've never really yawned for an hour... and then I had to take a shower once more because I was in a nonstop fever.

Thank you.
Mnenje Samo Večer čiščenja sodbe
Mašica, yesterday was top.

My body was heavy, it just sank into the sofa. Halfway through it, I started yawning like a hippopotamus.
Mnenje čiščenje sodb Marjeta
Masha hello,

there have been major shifts in the foundations, and the reminder sheet I have - and still occasionally carry - is already quite worn. The next turning point was the entities and after that the clearing of judgements, we exchanged bars yesterday in Lj. For years I have had "tasting breakthroughs", they have come and gone. Now I feel it will be more permanent.

Thank you and cheerfully on.
Jernej Kocjančič
Mnenje jernej temelji
Thank you for this live! I needed exactly this, because I got stuck again. I've already realized some things, but I've been stagnant. Now I can move forward. How can it be even better.
Mnenje live Špela
What can I choose to invite even more magical events into my life? Since I met Maša, I no longer follow my life, but LIFE FOLLOWS ME!!! Everything is so magical :) THANK YOU MAŠA! I LOVE YOU
Andreja Šalamun
Mnenje vlog Kaj lahko danes izberem Andreja Šalamun
Wow! This is one of those body processes that I activated a few days ago during dance training at the gym, on a girl who had a strong reaction to pollen - suddenly her eyes started itching a lot, they were completely red, and she couldn't see anymore... she was almost about to go home because no one had artificial tears or anything to help her, so I activated the process for her. ONLY 5 MINUTES! Because we had to continue with the training. And soon enough, there was a visible change - her eyes were less red. And shortly after that, everything disappeared!
I'm so grateful that I can help at all, and our mind is even more satisfied when it sees the result!
But the even nicer truth is that these body processes and bars always work! Even when it seems like nothing is happening. It works!
Why is it so obvious for some people then?
I think it's because they don't burden themselves with stories and simply allow themselves to receive!

Try it, Attend a class.
What and how much are you willing to receive?
Petra Riccobon
Mnenje MTVSS Petra Riccobon
Working on oneself always brings results. Every time I get access facelift, I feel like new.
Jadran Plaznik
Mnenje Facelift Jadran Plaznik
The results are immediately visible, and that without interventions, you just surrender... and wrinkles, fatigue just disappear... see for yourself
Orjana Krivičič
Mnenje Facelift Orjana Krivičič
Natural Botox, smoothing of lips, better vision, great feeling, increased energy, firmer buttocks, lifted breasts, and so on.

Effects visible immediately.

Without surgery and consequent recovery, botox, expensive creams...
Barbara Klinkon
Mnenje Facelift Barbara Klikon
Thank you for all your help and support so far. I've met the person who truly supports me, to a large extent, with your help. Because I followed your instructions and asked myself every day, manifested, just as you taught us in the Loving Womb program... and the universe delivered to me.
Mnenje ljubeča maternica Mateja