Have you ever wondered why things in your life aren’t going the way you’d like them to? Why do things break down so many times? Or maybe an even more realistic experience… why do you behave exactly like your mom, teacher, CEO of the company where you work or someone you set an example for?

Why not step out of the familiar comfort zone and become independent? Throughout life, we are in touch with a large number of people, relationships, events, and information. In accordance with our personal experience, we accept as our own ways of thinking, worldviews, feelings, programs of action and response in different situations. We act and act in accordance with all this ‘facade’ that we have accepted as our own ‘house’. As a result, in our daily actions and choices, we are limited by all expectations, judgments, choices, and stories that, in essence, do not belong to us at all and are not the fruit of ourselves.


In the second half of my 20s, I found myself with my husband and two children, a household, a garden and, in addition, a demanding job. At first we would say that this is something we all strive for, but not if you also have depression. Suddenly I didn't recognize myself anymore. I did everything that others expected of me and was very successful at it, and nothing that would make me happy and full. By working on myself, I realized that it is possible to solve all problems and overcome all obstacles. My mission is to help people get to the green branch, both personally, spiritually, and in business. I do this with all my heart, the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years.

In Ray of happiness we emphasize the individual approach in designing a program for business and personal coaching, mentoring program for individuals and legal entities, individual 1 on 1 workshops, group workshops, team building, individual training, therapies and counseling. In accordance with the wishes and goals of the client or. we create a program for our clients that will enable us to build what we strive for. By using a variety of tools and grips, you will overcome obstacles and overcome the limitations you have and gain in self-confidence and achieve the desired goal with complete ease.

Customers about us

Dear Maša, thank you for everything you do for us and share with us... for your knowledge, experiences, and especially for your invaluable insights. You are much more than you tell about yourself <3 <3
Mojca Penko
Mnenje Mojce o Maši