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Mnenja strank

Dear Maša. Thank you from me as well for all the beautiful thoughts that lift me up for at least a second every morning. Currently, I am in a difficult state, dealing with depression, and I am starting antidepressants. I am without will and hope, but your everyday morning ray at least brightens my day a little :). Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3
Mnenje Metke o pozitivnih mislih
We experimentally introduced the positive thoughts of Ray of Happiness as gifts at the end of the trip or. excursions. The first reactions of our passengers were amazing ... it exceeded all our expectations.Their response was so positive that they even started reading them over the microphone and even the group leaders called us the next day and thanked us for our gift (attention) to them. This is something new, clean, unique and that is why I recommend every entrepreneur and individual to add them to their offer and brighten the day.
Rudi turs d.o.o., turistična agencija
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