We advise you to inspect the ordered products upon receipt and inform us as soon as possible in case of any irregularities.

If you notice that the item or package is physically damaged, missing content, or showing signs of opening when you receive the shipment, you must initiate compensation proceedings. To do this, bring the package to the post office as soon as you notice the damage, or no later than within 30 days of receiving the package, and fill in and sign the report on the damaged shipment.


Withdrawal of the consumer from the contract

The consumer (this applies only to natural persons who acquire goods for purposes outside their gainful activity) has the right to notify the company (e-mail: info@zareksrece.si) within 14 days of receipt of the items to withdraw from the contract without any giving reason for this decision. The deadline starts one day after the date of receipt.

The only cost borne by the consumer in connection with the withdrawal from the contract is the cost of returning the item (which in the case of shipping is charged according to the price list of the delivery service and depends on whether it is a shipment/package / cargo). The item must be returned to the seller no later than 30 days after the notice of withdrawal from the contract (purchase).


The consumer has no right to withdraw from the contract, in the case of:

1. if goods or services, the price of which depends on fluctuations in markets over which the company has no influence and which may occur within the withdrawal period;
on goods manufactured to the consumer's exact instructions and adapted to his personal needs;

2. if goods which, by their nature, are not suitable for return, are perishable or expire quickly;

3. if the provision of services, if the company fully fulfills the contract and the provision of services began on the basis of the consumer's express prior consent and consent to lose the right to withdraw from the contract when the business has fully fulfilled it;

4. if the supply of sealed goods, if the consumer has opened the security seal after delivery;

5. if the supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for return for reasons of health or hygiene reasons, if the consumer has opened the seal after delivery;

6. if the packaging is open or damaged; if the supply of goods which, by their nature, are inseparably mixed with other objects;

7. if the supply of digital content which is not delivered on a tangible medium provided that the provision of the service has been initiated with the consumer's explicit prior consent and consent.

The received item must be returned undamaged,unopened, originally sealed and in the same quantity and quality, unless the item is destroyed, damaged, lost or its quantity has decreased without the fault of the consumer. The consumer may not use the items without hindrance until the withdrawal from the contract. The consumer may inspect and test the articles to the extent strictly necessary to establish the actual situation. The consumer is liable for a reduction in the value of the goods if the reduction is the result of conduct not necessarily necessary to establish the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the goods.

Form for withdrawal of the consumer from the contract


Withdrawal of the consumer from the contract for the items from the set

If the consumer decides to withdraw from the contract for the items that make up the kit, he can request a replacement for the same kit or a refund for the entire kit. The consumer can replace the item from the set in the event of a material defect or damage to the item, but cannot request a refund. In the case of claiming the warranty of the item from the set, the manufacturer's warranty period applies.