• Looking for the key to success?
  • Do you want to expand the circle of your customers?
  • Having trouble communicating with employees?
  • Want to improve relationships?
  • Is your work environment stressful?
  • Do you not feel respected and valued at work?
  • Do you really want to advance in your job?

To achieve overall success in a company or working group, it makes sense that the whole group has the same goal and vision, and that the members of the group communicate and cooperate well with each other.

At Ray of Happiness we offer you a large set of workshops and team building events, where you will gain knowledge and skills for the effective operation of your work team. You will learn to react wisely and respectfully in every situation, and execute the agreement without mistakes.

Workshops are designed according to the individual needs and wishes of the client.

Together we can achieve more!

We will help you with…

  • identifying their own shortcomings and weaknesses and how to address them.
  • learning about tools to improve the quality of their work.
  • learning how to conduct an effective meeting, lecture, presentation, or speech.
  • learning how to convince a customer / subscriber that your product is right for them.
  • setting and recognizing goals - mastering decision-making skills in critical situations.
  • learning tools to stimulate oneself and one's co-worker.
  • the ability to listen and transmit the right information at the right time.
  • developing confidence in yourself and your work team.
  • or in the selected area by arrangement.

Who is our ideal customer?

  • staff leaders
  • business owners
  • a group of businessmen
  • HRM employees
  • anyone who wants to improve their work skills

Workshops are led by ,Maša Plaznik, B.S. sociologist, human resources management, with 10 years of experience in the field of human resources, conducting workshops, lectures, individual trainings and therapies.

The price and duration of the service is negotiable.

Send the request by clicking on the button below and fill out the form. You will receive a confirmation of a successful request to your e-mail address. Also look in the spam folder. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, let us know. You can find the contact in the tab, Contact.

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Customers about us

Still under the impressions of yesterday ... when I first "dared" to combine a serious rational business world with my "magic knowledge" ... I admit that I was in a bit of a convulsion about how, in my opinion, "rational" colleagues will accept this type of knowledge and work ... and above all, how they will look at me then ... My fear was completely unnecessary. With the help of Maša from the Ray of Happiness, we introduced them to the world of energies, beyond reason and logic. My deep lesson of the day is one of the simpler ones, but one of the more difficult ones for me: be accurate and only what you really are, always and everywhere, don't hide your magic - only in this way can people really accept you and only so big shifts can happen.  The day was wonderful and still resonates within me. Thanks ... to be continued.
Nina Žerjal, Master franšizij Helen Doron English
Nina Žerjal Helen Doron English Bussiness world
As a reward after a hard period, we had a workshop with Maša Plaznik. We were all happy with the team building. The workshop was fun and interesting. With the help of Access Bars, we relaxed wonderfully and learned how to use the technique in everyday life. We learned how to look at things positively in stressful situations or how to attract positive energy. Of course, we did our “homework” (preparing a leaflet with the question How can it be even better than that?) The next day. We recommend it to everyone who wants to find an opportunity in challenges and look at the world positively.
StudioCriss d.o.o.
StudioCriss workshops for the bussiness world