Group therapy is an excellent opportunity where you can make significant changes on yourself without specifically exposing yourself, as individuals somewhat blend into the crowd of participants.

Group therapy is suitable for anyone who wants to change or improve a part of themselves and is seeking at least some of the following:

  • An opportunity to make significant changes without exposing oneself
  • Personal progress and fun simultaneously
  • Gain more because group events generate more energy
  • Experience more changes due to commonality with other participants
  • Enjoys connecting with other people
  • Wants to eliminate social limitations
  • Wants to overcome family limitations
  • Wants to overcome partner limitations
  • ...


Maša Plaznik organizes group therapies based on awareness and energy, addressing what people are currently seeking and what they are willing to receive. You can choose from group therapies such as Magical Experience, Torus, Joy of Unity, family therapies, partner therapies, and group therapies by arrangement.

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