LOW VIBRATIONS are states, emotions and behaviors such as anger, selfishness, sadness, jealousy, fear, competition… all of these are negative, dark states.

HIGH VIBRATIONS are e.g. gratitude, happiness, joy, love, indulgence… all these are positive, bright states. 

When we MOVE TO HIGHER VIBRATIONS, it means that we abandon all these negative states, emotions and behaviors in accordance with these low states… and bring into our lives and accepted states, emotions and behaviors that are positive.  People who work from higher vibrations are positive, they see opportunities everywhere, they are happy and successful


The joy of oneness is an energy therapy or a form of healing, channeled by Maša Plaznik. As part of the therapy, we connect with your guides and together with them we help solve your problems, challenges, unlock doors and move, tear down walls. 

The joy of oneness therapy allows you to move to higher vibrations to feel the world in a whole new light. The therapy is easy and looks like meditation.

With it, we unlock those areas where you have various problems and challenges that you cannot solve on your own. It replaces anger, fear, and negative emotions with happiness, contentment, and deep inner peace. It helps to make things move much faster and the effects are greater. It is suitable for everyone

The Joy of Oneness therapy is led by Maša Plaznik, certified Joy of Oneness facilitator, Swapping fields facilitator, certified Access Bars® facilitator, certified Access Body® process facilitator, certified Thetahealing® practitioner, certified Usui reiki practitioner. 

With years of experience working on herself, she has helped many people so far! See for yourself! If you feel a call in you to want something more, we invite you to try a new therapy

What can you expect after the therapy

The therapy is easy. Clients describe it as a relaxing meditation, as they fall into a meditative state during therapy, where the brain somehow shuts off the mind and allows for complete relaxation. Read more customer reviews at the bottom of this page.

Areas that benefit

  • relation to oneself
  • understanding oneself and knowing one’s own value
  • relationship you have in the family with your partner
  • relationships with children 
  • relationships with other people.
  • well-being and efficiency in the workplace are improved.
  • there are promotions in the work environment, at work.
  • the mental and physical well-being of the individual is improved.
  • the health condition improves as you relieve yourself of the psychological aspects of the disease states
  • . the door to love and gratitude opens.
  • your awareness increases.
  • intuition improves.
  • the ability to anticipate various life situations increases.
  • you accelerate the development of your skills and renew the knowledge you have put aside.
  • and much, much more…

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