The magical experience is an exceptional energy therapy that allows you to completely renew your energy.

Maša says, "I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity and I can allow all of us to grow together and evolve into the wonderful beings we really are."

Maša Plaznik has been performing the Magic Experience therapy since the beginning of January 2019. The therapy is intended for all those people who are willing to receive the high vibrations of the magical experience and get even closer to working, living and being in their reality.

During therapy, we connect with your being, body, and everything you are in any life, space, or time.

  • awareness of who we really are and what we can do as a being and body in the here and now
  • abbundance actualization
  • deep peace and contact with oneself
  • purity removal of old heavy energies that are no longer needed
  • disconnection from leeches, energy vampires, entities and people who exhaust us or. empty
  • energizing chakras
  • energizing bodies
  • energizing individual organs
  • clearing entities
  • receives everything that has been on hold for a long time and has not been able to be activated so far
  • removing everything that has been stuck for a long time and has not been able to be removed so far

During the magical experience each client also receives a homework assignment with instructions for performing at home purpose of is to support everything we have achieved energy therapy and start building on themselves what currently biggest contribution help enable new awareness insights programs settle down can get know first-hand power that tools working ourselves. Energy therapy magical experience is performed individually or in the form of group therapy. It can be done in person live or online, via the web, video conferencing or a regular phone call.

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Customers about us

Can you imagine feeling light, refreshed, with a clear goal after 30 minutes? Can you imagine a body without pain, tension? Are you not? And let me tell you, this is in the palm of your hand with the Magic Experience. Short but concise, fast but effective is this Magic Experience, a wonderful tool that Maša masters. However, I suggest that you get to know your being sooner that the Magical Experience can be even more magical.
Magical experience Metuljčica
Wow Maša thank you again… My life so far has come together like a puzzle and I have become aware of many things and suddenly my life is easier. How does it get even better than that? Thank you for being there and for making people aware.
Opinion Magical experience therapy (over the phone) Vesna
I can't describe the feeling when you consciously lie down, listen to Maša's instructions and when you remain in silence (only you and the sound of nature from the background) and feel and see how you are hovering over your body or. as if your soul felt freedom and flew ... priceless. Because it was so strong and intense, I went down and finished on my own after 40 minutes because my body simply had enough and got what it wanted.
Thank you Maša♥
Tvoja G.S.
Opinion group magical experience G. S.
The pace of life constantly forces us to find solutions to overcome stress. Regular therapy The magical experience is an invaluable part of my coping with stressful situations, as it calms me down and fills me with energy in a very short time. Infinitely grateful for this experience.I recommend it to anyone who wants exceptional contact with themselves and to lift up quickly and efficiently.
Magical experience Maja
Individual therapy Magical experience over the phone, created for me by Maša Plaznik, was just as pleasant an experience for me as it was at the time when she was able to do it for me without an intermediary - the phone. I perceive lately as quick transitions, changes at every turn from day to day, facing my own walls and limitations. I personally like a one-on-one approach. Personally. Without telephone and other modern technological devices. In fact, I never liked them too much. During this time, however, I accepted them and also accepted the idea of working remotely over the phone. I completely trusted Maša to feel me and support me exactly where I needed to be. And I can honestly say that was the case. Let me emphasize another positive side of teleworking. After finishing the therapy, I felt that my body needed to lie in a warm home bed in a dark bedroom for quite some time. And I also afforded that. Thus, the effect of the therapy was increased because the energy was not dissipated. This luxury is, in my opinion, an added value to the Magical Distance Experience. A few days after therapy, I can say that I became aware of a lot, lowered the wall, moved boundaries, and received confirmations that I had chosen the right therapy and the right person to support me on my evolutionary path and illuminate what I myself fail to see. Maša, thank you for sharing your abilities with me.
Mojca Štrukelj, Uniquefit studio
Magical experience Mojca Štrukelj