What if you could always have an energy therapy, session, supporting you exactly when you need it?

How many times do we find ourselves in need of energetic support, a little relaxation, or a good foundation for a fresh start and fail to personally visit Maša?

Introducing to you our new service!

Maša Plaznik has prepared a whole range of energy therapies, sessions, for you to take with you on vacation, on a journey, visiting relatives, or when you go somewhere.

You can choose energy therapies stored in vegan soaps.

To have an energy therapy always with you, Maša Plaznik has designed a line of energy therapies stored in vegan soaps.

There are 4 different energy therapies available in the soaps: PASSION, SUN, CONNECTION WITH THE EARTH, and PEACE.

Each energy soap provides you with a completely new energy experience. When you lather up with energy, your body fills up, and your well-being changes. Even your day will be different when you start using energy therapies in soap.

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Take with you on vacation or travel at least one of the energy therapies Passion, Sun, Peace, or Connection with the Earth.

Enable yourself and your body to:

  • Completely relax
  • Connect with yourself
  • Ground yourself
  • Fill yourself with passion for life and everything you desire but don't yet have enough of

You can find all the energy therapies stored in vegan soaps My Conscious Soap in the online store by clicking here.

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