Meditation has always been considered an effective technique to help people calm down, relax, connect with themselves, their world, and find their meaning. There are many different meditation techniques and each teacher shows their followers the technique they really feel as a contribution.

In the Ray of Happiness we offer you various meditations and, in addition, a very special form of meditation, which is not only a normal meditation, but at the same time an energetic change of everything you are. It is the energy technique Joy of Oneness


With a great deal of gratitude, energetic presence, love and, last but not least, knowledge, we have recorded various guided meditations for you, which you can buy in mp3 format and use whenever you feel like it.

We are preparing a very special set of guided meditations for you, which are thematically oriented and will help you connect with yourself, relax, adjust to a new day, accept a new situation and much more. They are suitable for everyone and you can listen to them anywhere, as the recording size is just right for you to listen to on your smartphone as well.

Since we are still in the process of recording, as we want the recordings to be of high quality and studio recorded, we invite you to come to visit the website and our online shop. It will be possible to buy meditations for your own use in the online store.


Meditation by appointment

A meditation meeting or guided meditation according to your wishes can be done as part of a workshop, event, meeting or something that you organize, in order to supplement your offer and the wishes you have. It can be performed both indoors and outdoors.

If you want us to organize a meditation meeting according to your wishes, write or call us and we can gladly set it up.

Joy of oneness TM

The joy of oneness is an energy therapy or a form of healing, channeled by Maša Plaznik. As part of the therapy, we connect with your guides and together with them we help solve your problems, challenges, unlock doors and tear down walls.

The joy of oneness therapy allows you to move to a higher vibrations to feel the world in a whole new light. The therapy is easy and looks like meditation.

With it, we unlock those areas where you have various problems and challenges that you cannot solve on your own. It replaces anger, fear, and negative emotions with happiness, contentment, and deep inner peace. It helps to make things move much faster and the effects are greater. It is suitable for everyone.

You can read more about the wonderful technique Joy of Oneness on this link.

You can choose beetwen individual Joy of oneness or group Joy of oneness.

In events find the next group meditation and if you feel that this will have a beneficial effect on you, you are invited to join us.


Joy of onenessTM by appointment

Group Joy of oneness TM can be performed by agreement anywhere in Slovenia or abroad. It can be added as a diversification or deepening of an event that you are already organizing, or added as part of a workshop, meeting or something you are organizing. It can be performed both indoors and outdoors.

If you would like to organize a group Joy of oneness therapy TM , write or call us and we can gladly set it up

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