Do you have a challenge where you can't find a solution on your own?

  Have you tried many things before and nothing helped? 

Are you looking for an expert who could help you? 

Choose a mentoring program and indulge in pampering.  

The mentoring program allows everyone to hone their abilities through guided individual meetings, become aware of the current situation and what they want to achieve, and learn new knowledge and skills that help them achieve the chosen vision.  As this is an individual service, it is necessary to agree in advance on what the individual wants to achieve, change or learn, and based on that, the number and duration of recommended meetings are determined

The most common areas that customers choose

Below are the most common areas that customers choose. You can choose the area according to your wishes or needs.

  • personal growth. 
  • calmness.    
  • business performance.   
  • stress relief.   
  • elimination of fears.   
  • contact with yourself.    
  • partnership.   
  • communication.   
  • expressing their desires.  
  • Public Speaking.   
  • group leadership.   
  • removal of blockages. 
  • field of choice ..

Meetings can be  

  • personal  
  • online (skype, messenger, viber, zoom, phone ... or other applications by arrangement)

The mentoring program can be composed by

  • agreement     
  • individual therapies    
  • individual workshops    
  • conversations    
  • meetings 

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Customers about us

The mentoring program helped me figure out what areas in my life I need to work on to find the essence of myself and remove the emotions and other barriers that limit me along the way. Maša leads past traps that we have created for ourselves and do not know how to solve on our own.
Simon Hrvatin, Re-tel d.o.o.
Simon Hrvatin Mentor program
Maša, I can't even believe how it goes better! I don't even worry about anything anymore. Everything is arranged and I feel happy in myself ... or I can now decide to be happy ... I am satisfied and I will come again next month :) I am really refurbished and I am immensely grateful for all the help. I am happy to share this positive experience with others and I also hope that people who are in a similar situation as me have decided to come to you because it is really amazing… WHAT A CHANGE! One can experience this so that one can understand :) I am really happy that the path stopped me at your place and thank you again! Of course I'll see you again soon :)
I met Maša at one of the business associations. The very first contact was very interesting to me, because Maša radiated such warm energy and was different from all the other entrepreneurs in that circle. I constantly followed her on her social networks and used her suggestions, her sayings and her suggestions several times. One day at the company, I got to the point where there was no more progress with employees. I have not found the right key to solve this challenge. It came with the intention of meeting Maša again at one of the business meetings, where she attracted me with her address. I decided to try her mentoring program myself and found it to be really great. However, the solution to my problem was not only with me, so I had to solve this matter with my colleagues as well. So I also invited co-workers to her therapy. We now have a much better business, as with the help of Maša’s sayings, therapies, advice, and her mentoring program, me and co-workers have resolved certain barriers, certain fears, and certain limitations that have limited us in our company’s performance. So for all entrepreneurs who can currently see themselves in a situation like me, in a situation where they do not see progress, when they do not know what to do… only one mentoring program with Maša Plaznik at Ray of happiness and also your company will shine with sunshine.
Aljoša Kocjančič, ASIKURANS d.o.o.
Aljoša Kocjančič MENTOR PROGRAM
Before the mentoring program, I felt very heavy, I had difficulty moving my legs and walking, my lower back hurt. I had a feeling like I was moving a 100kg heavy leg with each step. Pain in my knees and hips accompanied me throughout. Non stop… through! During Maša's mentoring program, I first felt a lot of relaxation in my legs, knees especially in my left knee, where I had major problems. It felt like I was in a medieval armor. Now I can finally move easily. My shoulders are flexible, my arms free and I walk like a young girl. I also wiggle my hips as if dancing. We humans are not even aware that there is a way to solve our problems. We don’t know how to help ourselves or we don’t find the right path and way to solve things. We live life in the mind that some pain belongs to us and that we must live it that way. In fact, this is not the case.
Liza, 58 let